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In the group we GIVE and TAKE, by laying on our hands to give and to receive LIGHT and LOVE at the same time. We are working in meditative silence, as well as in constructive talk. If you want to, you may also receive an initiation in LIGHTWORK. 

In a group you can open up easier and learn much faster than alone. The other people are your mirror - and you are theirs. You also learn from the experiences of others and may find new ideas and answers. Working in groups is a very enriching experience, and it is also a lot of fun. 

As we produce energy of a very high frequency, this will help your process of development and growth.

Besides, group work itself is a great help:
In a group the dynamic SYNERGY Effect helps you to grow, because: The whole, that means the summary of results in the group effort, is more than the addition of the efforts of each member. Synergy is the law of group work. This way you have extra profit doing LIGHTWORK. 

That is why I have group sessions!

You will find all the informations about the current seminars here in my German page,
because so far I have given seminars only in Germany and Austria

 If you want to attend, please give me your notification. 
In case of cancellation, please notify me as soon as possible.

Scholars, students, unemployed persons and those that receive social security payments,
as well as persons with very low income may participate without a financial contribution,
 when they give on the LOVE they have received to other people, maybe as active help,
Be sure that you will get the chance for that.

I also give seminars in other cities when invited.
I myself can give the seminars in German or in English (see below),

for other languages I would request an interpretor.

My offer to Groups or Associations devoted to Help for people in need: 
I am offering free seminars that help people change their conditions in Life
 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, LIGHTWORK and how to find Freedom from Addiction.

Here you find information about how to become a teacher for 

Everybody can attend my seminars, nobody will be refused,
because that would not agree with the Spirit of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Anybody who has attended one of my seminars, may repeat it without further obligation.

My seminars and lectures can be given in German and English.

So far, my seminars and lectures have been given in the
German language. If you are interested and capable of understanding German, you will find the informations here.

On request, I would also give seminars or lectures in English, in Berlin or elsewhere. 
The seminars usually take two days, with 5 or 6 h each, the lectures can be held at request, I suggest from 1 - 3 h. It is great to combine lecture and seminar
(for example, a lecture will be given on Friday evening from 6 - 9 p.m., to explain this type of work, while every question is answered; the seminar UNCONDITIONAL LOVE takes place on Saturday from 10 - 15 p.m. (1. day) and BLOCKAGES on Sunday from 10 to 15 p.m. Any questions may be asked and will be answered)
Please contact me for more information.

The following subjects will bring you the greatest HELP and ADVANCEMENT:
"UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" - The LOVE of GOD, the LOVE of CHRIST for everyone
(more information)
LOVE II, III and IV" - for those that have attended "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" and have LIVED  and worked with LOVE for a longer period of time (more information). LOVE IV and the IV.LIGHT-Degree are the same seminar. 
Blockages" - How to do practical work with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
(more information)
I. LIGHT-Degree" - initiation and introduction into LIGHTWORK, working with the LIGHT of GOD
(more information for LIGHTWORK in general, all degrees)
II. LIGHT-Degree"
III. LIGHT-Degree"
IV. LIGHT-Degree" with Service to GOD
After the IV. LIGHT-Degree you will only be taught by GOD HIMSELF. We will then meet once every year for exchange, advanced learning and JOY
Here you find information about how to become a teacher for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and LIGHTWORK.

In the beginning of the year 2002, GOD asked me to start giving Lectures. The subject of my lectures is my WORK, my KNOWLEDGE and my HELP, which I want to explain to the public. By doing this I want to help people lose their fear of Spiritual subjects and help them let go of their superstitions. That's why I would also like to reach people who are new to this type of work. I want to show them that Spirituality is nothing far-out or secret - but a natural part of our everyday life, of our own rich HERITAGE. Without Spirituality life would not be possible. MANKIND is Spiritual. We all are Spiritual beings - like all of Creation. 

I would prefer to give a 'dynamic' lecture - meaning that the subjects develop from your questions, from your interest, taking whatever way or direction it wants to...

I will give first-hand reports and explanations of my experiences and my process of Clearing and Growth, and I will talk about the great and simple possibilities each one of us has in finding Health and Cure of all ailments as well as total freedom from addiction and all physical, psychical and mental problems, all problems with ourselves and others, and freedom from wars and destruction. 

I will talk about learning how to feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and eventually live that way all the time, and that it is possible to work with Unconditional LOVE for your own fulfillment and Spiritual Development. This way you learn to live your life in freedom and harmony, each day being full of wonders and happiness. 

I will show you how surprisingly simple and easy this actually is to achieve, for children as well as adults to learn - only you don't know Unconditional LOVE anymore - you forgot it a long time ago. I will show you easy techniques to revive that knowledge in you.

I also give lectures and seminars in English.

About Costs and Contributions
The value of my Work cannot be estimated, so it is not possible to name a price for it. HE WHO LEADS ME WANTS IT THAT WAY. So my Work has no fixed prices, but it is not for free - according to the Cosmic LAW of Giving and Taking! Anyone should have the chance to attend my Groups and my Seminars, no matter how much money you have. Everyone should be able to affort my Help - so please allow me to give it to you. 

You yourself decide, which amount to give me. But don't think the old way, don't think it's just a bargain, or a cheap way to attend a seminar - and if you spend a lot of money on clothes and other good things, don't think, you could spend just a little of what is left for a seminar! Remember, nothing goes by unnoticed and you are measured. It is your consciousness that counts. 
So give a fair contribution. GENEROSITY is one of the Qualities of Unconditional LOVE! Learn to be generous, so LIFE will be generous with you - think narrow and tight, and you will be measured tightly. 
If you are uncertain, you may ask Jesus CHRIST in a prayer how much you should give - and He will give you an answer you will understand. If the contribution is fair, you will know it in your heart. 

If you don't have enough, give only a little, and if you don't have anything, you may give no money at all - but then give the LOVE you received to someone else, by helping others instead, in an certain, adequate and practical way, maybe help your neighbour paint his apartment without taking any money for it - while consciously taking this as your contribution to the seminar. 
If you have no idea how to go about it, ask Jesus CHRIST for a chance to give your contribution as an active help, and soon the chance will come and you will know it.

For you this means a process of learning - learning how to estimate another persons work, trying to estimate how you profit from it... learning to get away from the usual way of thinking, that is, trying to get everything as cheap as possible. We have been trained to think that way, to get 'bargains' everywhere. But that is part of the desease of our modern economy: To constantly lower the prices means that the producers and the working people get less money. This way they throw their rivals from the market! This is one of the faces of force. There is a war going on. I ask you to come away from that kind of thinking and make a fair estimate - maybe change your attitude towards money in general and learn to regard it as a sort of  energy, not as a value in itself that you should keep and hoard, to make you more important, to boost your EGO, but rather to see it as a sort of medium, not more, not less, with no emotions and personal evaluations connected. When you have reached that point, you are free. 

Be sure that I list no names and that the contributions are not being controlled.

(see The Power of Money for more information on contributions, and read the other pages about money, too)

Description of the Seminars
The seminars are mainly corresponding to the specific pages of the website, whose aim it is that everybody can learn from them all by himself and thus enfold. At the seminars, you also have my personal assistance, individual explanations, common practice and high energy, and you can ask your questions, as far as time allows. Some guests may have no computer and do not know the subject beforehand. It is my aim to help every guest, with or without specific knowledge - without boring the more experienced. 
The structure of the seminars is not following rigid forms, so it may vary depending on the questions and the individual need of the guests, and may possibly change in the course, while at the same time the aim and the individual profit will be sustained. All seminars are led by Spiritual Guidance for greatest possible help for each individual guest.
The Initiations into LIGHTWORK
(usually 2 days)
LIGHTWORK is the help of the Powers of LIGHT for humanity at this time. It is the Power of CREATION, the Power of LIFE, that gives us healing and release from stress, problems and desease. The initiations allow us to receive the LIGHT and LOVE of GOD and become HIS anchor on Earth. By saying 'YES', we are now being guided in a different way, by GOD Himself, and the High Beings of LIGHT, the WHITE BROTHERHOOD.
This is the WAY back to LIGHT and LOVE, the WAY to a wonderful, never before thought-of advancement of spirit and soul, in contact with the powers of LIGHT, thus becoming  self-responsible and free as well as being able to help not only yourself, but others, and being able to accept responsibility for the whole. 
This is the WAY of ascending over the chakras, over the expansion of consciousness.

You can also carry on HIS LIGHT, to finally help release EARTH from Her chains of ages.

LIGHTWORK and working with Unconditional LOVE are closely related. Everyone can work with LOVE, leading you to highest advancement. LIGHTWORK is for those who want to CONSCIOUSLY advance spiritually and who are ready to take upon themselves a higher responsibility for themselves and the WHOLE. Whoever is ready for that will feel drawn to LIGHTWORK. 
When giving the first LIGHT-degree, I also will show you Unconditional LOVE, because if you do not know LOVE, you will reach your own limits sooner or later.

Anyone may attend the Initiations into the first LIGHT-Degree. You may only attend the II. Degree and the following, after having attended the previous degree, because you cannot take the second or third step after the first! After the IVth LIGHT-Degree, the distances between the following Degrees will become longer. A human cannot give any higher degree than the VII. LIGHT-Degree. The following degrees will be given by GOD alone - but GOD may also give you any one or all of previous degrees, and you will know it. 

It is now possible to receive all the initiations into LIGHTWORK simply by way of a PRAYER TO GOD, TO GOD, WHO IS LIGHT AND LOVE! (See the pages about LIGHTWORK)
After the III. LIGHT-Degree you may possibly become a teacher yourself, enabling you to give on HIS LIGHT. You should never do this for commercial reasons.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - easiest Way to perfect Health and Solution of all Problems
(2 days)
You learn to feel the Energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to produce it and to work with it. Working with LOVE will change yourself as well as your Life. Besides LIGHTWORK, the work with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is most important to Men on His Way to Perfection. Working with LOVE is the most beautiful, the most touching experience I know. 
It is impossible so remain untouched by it. It is impossible to remain the unchanged. It is the most powerful energy we can produce ourselves. Nothing is more simple - nothing is more potent. Nothing is more beautiful. Because you feel it at once.
Everyone can do this work - man, child or woman, healthy or sick, old or young, there are no restrictions whatever. You don't need education, grades or initiations, no further Knowledge. This is the WAY for everyone. All you need is your HEART, your MIND and your Wish to do it. 
This is Help for Everyone - whereever you are. It is easy and fast to learn, almost instantly, and can be practiced anywhere, with no restrictions or rules whatever, without any cost, without any rituals, without any special techniques, without anybody else having to know about it. 
This work was given to us by FATHER-MOTHER, so all people on Earth, all nations, should be healthy and whole=holy and can be part of the NEW AGE to Come. I can teach you to feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to find out the difference to the love, we used to feel (which I call the 'misunderstood' or 'human' love), to produce it yourself and to work with it.  While doing so, you are changing yourself at once - starting into a completely new life. If you want to. 
Working with LOVE, you can dissolve all your problems, all your deseases, all your physical and psychical difficulties, all your fears - no matter what - everything that restricts your inner freedom, your relations with other people or your relations to yourself. You are always able to dissolve the cause, which is always found in yourself, if you really want to. This process is never painful, never hard, never depressing. It's always beautiful. 
Of course it's not always easy work, as you have mostly acquired those problems over long periods of time. You certainly need much patience, patience with yourself, that is and a lot of persistence. If you really want to, you can achieve everything that way, the way I did myself. You can dissolve all your karma, so there's no more need to suffer and cry, you can harmonize your relations to your fellow men, animals and plants. Your own vibrations rise in the process. It is possible to reach perfection this way, up to the development of your Body of LIGHT and the Mer-Ka-Ba, all by yourself, or working in a group you may want to assemble. By doing so, you have all the Help of of our BROTHERS and SISTERS in LIGHT, of CHRIST and GOD/GODDESS - whereever LOVE is, there is LIGHT, both are inseparable, as LOVE TRANSPORTS LIGHT - AND LIGHT TRANSSPORTS LOVE.
When you are in LOVE, you are perfectly safe. Nothing that can harm you then. You are perfectly protected.
(You can also see the Pages LOVE, Revolution of LIGHT and LOVE, Clearing, TRUTH  e.a.)

LIGHTWORK and working with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are closely related. Everyone can work with LOVE, leading you to highest advancement. LIGHTWORK is for those who want to CONSCIOUSLY advance spiritually and who are ready to take upon themselves a higher responsibility for themselves and the WHOLE. Whoever is ready for that will feel drawn to LIGHTWORK. 
When giving the first degree, I also will show you how to go into LOVE.
Anyone may attend the Initiations into the first LIGHT-Degree. But for further degrees I have to ask for your soul's permission. You may only attend the II. Degree and the following, after having attended the previous degree. The Initiations into LIGHTWORK will not be subject to written explanations. Informations may be only given personally. If you are interested, please contact me. 

If you want to teach UNCONDITIONAL LOVE yourself, you should, after having consulted me, attend this seminar, to see how it is done. Whoever wants to teach LOVE, should LIVE LOVE himself/herself (several years, at least 1 - 2 years!), and should also know all the many aspects of working with LOVE. You can only give on what you master yourself! People will feel at once, if your words are not authentic! Furthermore, it takes a certain maturity, understanding and LOVE for other people, a higher grade of PURITY and higher vibrations, which you will achieve after working with LOVE for at least several years, a higher level of consciousness and the ability to teach. It is helpful to have some experience with energywork and teaching. GOD HIMSELF wants to give HIS PERMISSION, sealed by an initiation, which I am allowed to give.
LOVE cannot be taught  for commercial reasons. It should only be given on in this pure way, therefore only with my written permission (email), indicating the SOURCE, including my web address, so everyone may read the text himself/herself. This is to guard the integrity and purity of the teachings. Therefore I ask you to please respect my copyright.

Of course, everybody can teach LOVE in private. Please mention the SOURCE and my website, too.

(2 days each)
For those who have lived and worked with LOVE I. respectively II. for some time.
Here you learn and practice, in which other ways you can work with LOVE to help you FREE yourself from any bonds, HEAL and ADVANCE. This knowledge will only be of use to those who have been working with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for a longer period of time, so that your HEART-chakra has become FREE and you have ADVANCED enough to feel what is going on within you. 
This work can help you to reach higher steps of LOVE, so you may experience the wonders of this world and other worlds in a new and totally different way. During the seminar I also teach the HOLY RESPIRATION and other useful ways for HEALING.
AGING and LIFESPAN of MANKIND - Help to overcome old Self- Limitations and set new Standards of Living.
(1 day)
Aging and dying are part of the experience of every earthly being with a physical body. The present lifespan of human beings and the present process of their physical, psychical and mental deterioration do not correspond with their actual potential.
You learn to know the causes of premature Aging and death and their spiritual background. By living consciously  and corresponding to spiritual, inner knowledge you can free yourself from old restrictions and set new standards of living and aging - even turn back the clock and rejuvenate.

You learn simple techniques to dissolve 
- the cause of premature aging,
- the cause for unhealthy nutrition
- the cause for overweight
by working with yourself regularly over a period of time, and you get simple instructions how to allow you to lead a happy, healthy and long life:
- to learn to love yourself,
- to live according to the Golden Rules
- to live in accordance with the Cosmic Laws.

(See the Pages Aging, Clearing e.a.)

ENERGY  BLOCKAGES - About the Cause of all Problems and their Solution
(2 days)
With the Help of Energywork you are able to solve your problems in a beautiful and easy way, without any therapy, without pain, without stirring up wounds over and over again. We don't need to know the origin of pain, but if it is necessary for us to learn from it, it will be pointed out to us in vision and perception. We are guided with LOVE by the FRIENDS of LIGHT. In this seminar you learn, what blockages are, how Blocks come into being, what effect they have, what problems they cause and how they can be dissolved. I will show you a simple way to feel Unconditional LOVE, to help you dissolve your blockages.  You also will learn to recognize your problems within you and how they cause your problems with others. We will then practive to reach our hidden blockages and learn to dissolve them. Here I also teach the Chakra-Pulsation.
(See also Energy Blockages, LOVE, CLEARING, HEALING e.a.)

In this seminar you learn theoretically (in short) and practically,what I have written about blockages. You will have enough time to practice and ask questions. 

The Chakra-Pulsation: Healing Mind, Body and Soul
The Chakra-Respiration is a Holy technique. It is easy to learn and can be sealed for the duration of your physical existence by initiation. It is a great Help Heaven gives us in this time. It clears and heals your Energy System in a fast and easy way, raising the frequency of your vibrations, harmonizing and helping you with your inner advancement in a so-far unthought-of way. 
I include the teaching of the Chakra-Pulsation in the seminar 'Blockages', the 'Holy Respiration' in the seminar 'Unconditional LOVE' or on request in the LIGHT-Degrees.
ADDICTION- Spiritual Causes and how you can achieve Freedom and Self-Responsibility 
(1 day)
You learn to know Addiction from a Cosmic view, it's causes, it's social relations and possibilities for a complete cure, as has been taught to me by LIGHT. You also learn Unconditional LOVE, to be able to dissolve the causes of your addiction.
(See the Pages Addiction, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, CLEARING, HEALING, e.a.)

This seminar is especially for people with addiction problems. It would be best to also attend the 2-day-seminar about Unconditional LOVE, which lets you learn and practive LOVE more intensely, and this, of course, is helping you with addiction, too.

BEINGS of other DIMENSIONS  - from LIGHT to Darkness 
Who are they? What do they do? How do we contact them? How should we treat them?
(1 day)
You learn to know the Inhabitants of other Dimensions, from LOGOS to Darkness,  the different realms of Being they live in, their characteristics, their behaviour and their purpose. You learn to know which of them contact Humanity and how we should treat them. You also learn how to clear yourself from beings of lower realms (only at the 2-day-seminar).
(See the Pages Inhabitants of other Dimensions, Nature and it's Realms, CLEARING, e.a.).
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